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Sock Gnomes

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

What you will need:

- sock (I used a ladies ankle sock for size comparison)

- fill the sock at least 3/4 of way to heel (I used beans, you can use rice, plastic pellets or any filler that has some weight)

- polyfill stuffing (for top of sock and to keep the hat's shape)

- rubberband

- nose (I used a jewelry bead, you can use wool bead or unfinished wooden bead)

- felt or fabric for hat

- bearding (I used cotton twine, you can use faux fur, yarn, or any other suitable material)

- hot glue and glue sticks

Gnome Body

  1. I filled the sock with beans to add weight and stability. I filled up to heal. You can also fill part way with your heavier weight material and then further with polyfil if you are using a larger size sock.

  2. Secure the top closed with rubber band or tie a very tight knot. Cut off excess but leave a little bit so won't undo.

Gnome Beard & Hair

  1. Cut twine or beard material to desired width and length. (if you use faux fur be sure to cut from the back with a razor blade so the fur itself isn't cut) I used twine to do the beard and the hair. If you use two different materials for these you need to measure the width or each and cut accordingly.

Gnome Hat

  1. To create hat from fabric or felt: cut a triangle piece of fabric making sure the bottom is wide enough to go all the way over the gnome body and tall enough to hve it flop over as in the picture of the finished gnome.

  2. To make the cone shaped hat, fold right sides together and glue along the long edge (you can sew the hat if desired).

  3. Turn the hat inside out (so you see the right side of the material). You can use a pencil to get the hat tip to more of a point.

  4. Lightly stuff the lower part of hat to help give your gnome some height. This step can be skipped if you are using a stiffer fabric or felt.

  5. Attach a pom-pom (you can also use a tassel here if desired) to the tip of the hat.

  6. Fold under a little along the bottom edge of the hat before finishing.

Finishing Touches

  1. Place the hat over the gnome to find nose placement and make sure seam is in back.

  2. Glue the nose to the beard at the top and approximately in the center of the front. This is more important if you chose two different products for hair and beard.

  3. Put glue along the inside of the fold formed in step 6 of the gnome hat.

  4. Secure hat to gnome, bumping over the nose in front.

You are done with your gnome. So now that you have that down, feel free to make more than one with varying heights and sizes around to stick in your decor around the house.


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