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Paint Techniques for Your Crafts and Home Decor

If you want to get the real feel for the farmhouse decorating style you may want your projects to look like you've had them for a long time. You can use the chippie or crackle technique to achieve this feel in your projects,

To make a crackle finish like the board on the right start by painting the object the color you want to see into. This one I painted royal blue because I wanted it to go for the wintery and snowy look. Let that coat dry completely. After your project is dry put Elmer's glue all over it. The more you put on the wider and deeper the cracks. I like a lot of crackles so I put a heavy coat on. This needs to mostly dry. Then you can start applying your top coat, white in my example. If the glue and top coat slightly mix together it's okay.

I used the chippie paint effect on the bucket to make it look like chipped enamelware. I started by painting the whole outside black because in years past the enamelware had a black base and that's what showed up when the top white coat got chipped. After the black paint is completely dry take any petroleum jelly product, like lip balm or Vaseline, and put it where you don't want the white paint to stick. The places that normally chipped were around the top and bottom edges with an occasional time on the sides of the bucket. After the bucket dries completely you can take a cloth and wipe off everything. Where the petroleum jelly was applied the white will wipe off leaving that chipped off look.

I hoped this has helped you with these two techniques. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email on the contact us tab or private message on the Facebook page, MnC Treasures. Enjoy and HAPPY CRAFTING.

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