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Ornament Garland (from jack-o-lantern forms)

Supply list:

- 5 jack-o-lanterns (Dollar Tree)

- 1 strand of little red truck LED lights (Dollar Tree)

- jute (medium weight) (Walmart)

- ribbon rope (Michaels)

- rope mesh in lime green and red (Dollar Tree)

- 1/4" red ribbon (Walmart)

- glue gun and glue sticks

Take the tinsel off of all 5 jack-o-lantern shapes (save this tinsel because we might find something to make with it). The shapes are in two parts and might pop apart but it's okay.

I wrapped two ornaments in jute using little dots of hot glue as necessary to keep from slipping. One was wrapped in lime green and one in red rope mesh (don't stretch as you are pulling around). The fifth one was wrapped in metallic red and green roping. I put shoestring bows on top of each ornament. The ornaments were attached to every other light on the little red truck lights with a small dab of hot glue. (I started at the end furthest from the battery pack and attached one to every other light.)

This will look great as a garland in your tree or even as a sitter on your mantle.

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