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DIY Dollar Tree Word Blocks

You will need:

Foam Dice (2 per package) or Large Foam Cube with blank circle(1 per package)

(If using the large foam cubes you will need to make sure the round cardboard circles are removed)

Black and White Acrylic

Paint I use Sax heavy bodied Paint especially for the stenciling helps ensure there is no leeding underneath

Alphabet Stencils (or do hand drawn letters) I used Plaid Stencil

Sanding block (if desired)

Paint all sides of blocks using black acrylic. (1 coat should be okay because you will also be painting white over the black) Let dry thoroughly. This is to hide the dots and color of dice.

Paint all side of blocks with white. It is not necessary to fully coat because you are wanting a distressed look. Let dry thoroughly.

Decide what word or words you want to be able to spell out with your blocks. Remember, you can reuse say an "O" for more than one word. Example, if you want to spell LOVE and HOME, use one block for the "O" and another block for the "E". Then, use one block for the "L" and on that same block use another side for the "H" on the same block. You would repeat the same scenario for the "V" and "M" block.

Another suggestion is to buy 1 Large left. I cube and 3 packages in order to spell out a last name. Using the large cube for "K" and the small ones for the "A", "R", "R", "E", "L", "S". The K being our last name will be able to be used by itself when we are using some of the others to spell words like home and love. Then, I will be able to reuse the "E" for the words love and home. I will need to use the two "R" blocks for the "V" and "M" and put an "O" on the "S". Remember you can always get more dice packages as long as your store has them to make new words as you see the need in your decorating.

If you need help figuring out what to place on a block feel to use the "Contact" option in the main menu and I will be happy to help you.

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