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3D Lemon Banner

This is an up-cycling of the Dollar Tree "Enjoy the Little Things" banner. Lemons are hot in decorating right now especially for your farmhouse kitchen.

I took 2 faux lemons and cut them in half with a box cutter. Hot glue each half of lemon over the printed whole lemons. One of the halves will overhang the side of the banner. You are going to cut this lemon half off even with the edge of the banner, Paint the cut edge of lemon with yellow acrylic paint. The slices of lemon on the banner were left alone to create dimension.

I took 1 floral stem from Dollar Tree that has faux lambs ear with yellowish buds. I cut the stem apart and hot glued onto the banner over the printed greenery and white buds.

This overall craft created a 3D wall hanging to catch more attention for the banner. As you all know, I love including different textures and dimensions in my craft projects.


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